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Michelle Banzet, M.A.
Michelle Banzet, Director of Operations
Michelle Banzet is a registered Adult (RYT-200) and Children's Yoga Instructor (RCYT) specializing in yoga, meditation and breath work for individuals, families and professional staff.

Michelle obtained her Master's Degree in Psychology from California State University, Fullerton and pursued a career in clinical research. She spent nearly a decade working at City of Hope where she incidentally also discovered her passion for yoga while attending a weekly employee wellness class. Inspired by the positive impact she experienced with yoga, Michelle set forth to obtain her certification. She could see early on in her training that yoga and meditation would be beneficial for families and decided to pursue teaching adult and children's yoga.

Michelle's background in the field of Psychology has allowed for a deeper understanding of the link between yoga and mental health management which she incorporates in her sessions. She continues to dedicate her time to reviewing evidenced based research and develops her sessions to be aligned with the best practices for yoga and meditation. Michelle is passionate about sharing the tools of yoga and meditation with the entire family circle to empower them to be happy, healthy and fulfilled.

Michelle has made it her life's purpose to provide a relaxed and supportive space where anyone can practice yoga regardless of age or level of experience.