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Golie Khayef, DrPH, MS, RD, CEDRD
Golie Khayef, DrPH, MS, RD, CEDRD
Golie Khayef is a certified eating disorder and a registered dietitian with more than a decade of experience in the treatment of mental health-related nutrition complications as well as chronic diseases.

She completed her adult clinical and food service dietetics training at USC University Hospital and her pediatric training at Children's Hospital of Orange County in 2009. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from California Polytechnic University Pomona in dietetics where she also completed her graduate work and received her Master's degree in Nutrition Science. Her main area of focus for doctoral program at Loma Linda University was on public health nutrition, more specifically, on the connection between different dietary patterns and the health of adolescent population in Southern California.

It was during one of her community internship rotations at a local community college when she observed and became intrigued by the link between dietary behaviors and mental health. Since then, she has specialized in treatment of mental health-related dietary challenges and has guided many individuals and families through their healing journey with food and nutrition.

In addition, as a nutrition professor at University of La Verne and Cal Poly Pomona, she has been bringing her real-life clinical experience into classrooms and has shared with undergraduate and graduate students, as well as future dietitians since 2012. She continues to raise awareness about mental health within the nutrition community and promote personalized care versus a one size fits all standard of care, within the medical community.