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EquusLed Program
A horse and child EquusLed involves interactive horse activities and experiences that improve mental health issues and promote emotional growth and learning. All work is done on the ground; there is no riding involved. EquusLed is facilitated by Dr. Jane Ledbetter who works with the patients and horses to meet treatment goals.

Patients can expect to engage in activities and/or unstructured interactions with the horses. Horses are highly attuned to nonverbal communication and, thus, provide immediate and honest feedback about how one interacts with others. Horses also provide vast opportunities for metaphorical learning. Patients learn about themselves and others and then discuss their associated feelings, behaviors, and patterns with Dr. Ledbetter. Patients can experiment with new behaviors and ways of interacting, and they can then choose which behavior will enhance their quality of life. The lessons and skills that are learned generalize to life outside of the sessions.

EquusLed is an evidence-driven therapy that treats:
Posttraumatic Stress
Behavioral Issues
Low Self Esteem

EquusLed and Dr. Jane Ledbetter are certified by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA), the global certification organization for equine-assisted psychotherapy practitioners.