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Information and services for the Mind Health Institute, Pasadena

Mind Health Institute, Pasadena is an integrative mental health outpatient center that offers our community state of the art psychiatric and psychological services in order to promote mental health and well-being. We feel that first-rate clinicians are essential to achieve this goal and therefore, only the most reputable providers are invited to be part of our team. We prioritize service excellence and evidence based medicine. We are committed to providing compassionate and collaborative care without compromising the dignity of our patients.

To revolutionize the culture and structure of delivering mental health services via a unique integrative model with the purpose to provide the best care.
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  • A photo of Pasadena
  • A photo of Pasadena
COMPASSION: Treating everyone with empathy, care and kindness.
EXCELLENCE: Providing outstanding quality service, evidence based medicine and individualized treatments plans for all we serve. We thrive through inspiration, education, clinical practice and innovation.
TEAMWORK: Accomplishing more together. We understand that through integrative efforts with other providers we can deliver a more effective and personalized treatment plan.
INTEGRITY: Adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and code of ethics and respecting the dignity of those who seek our services.